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Smartwood Ltd.

Design and construction of machinery for pellet production.

Smartwood Ltd. has several years’ experience in the design and construction of pelletizing machines and sizing machinery aimed at converting different types of raw material into pellets:
– Biomass: wood chips, shavings, sawdust, general wood waste
– Feeds
– Animal droppings, pollen, etc. …
– Animal feed supplements
– Herbs, grasses in general
– Any other product that you want to densify by the pelletization technique


Smartwood wants to promote plant configurations tailored to the customer’s needs.

The goal is to get to the distribution of the finished product directly to the end customer, thus avoiding all the steps that impoverish the income associated with the sale of pellets.

The aim is to achieve the maximum economic result on the product sold for significantly less investment than all its competitors.


– Training on pelletizing technique directly at our facility
– Pre- and after-sales service through a direct relationship with our technicians
– Executable pelletizing tests at our company
– Components and spare parts readily available
– Wide range of dies of various compressions in stock
– Technical department available to our customers for layouts and customized solutions
– Capital overhauls and machine upgrades at our facility
– Friendliness and courtesy

Our strengths

What do we do?

From raw material to packaged pellets: a full range of products for individuals and businesses


All of our machinery is entirely designed and built at our Cuneo plant, using only the highest quality materials, which are essential to ensure high-efficiency performance of pellet mills with satisfactory hourly productions. We make pelletizing machines in various models suitable for both domestic and professional use designed with simple, functional and reliable construction systems.


We have been devoting resources to the development and manufacture of pellet production equipment for 15 years, producing our own full range of pelletizers and particularly efficient biomass servicing systems, and we are continually striving to make our products ever greener by decreasing their environmental and energy impact.


We follow and advise the Client at the stage of choosing the most suitable machinery for the type of production desired. We also provide consulting and testing services related to the processing and pelletization of non-standard materials and biomass.


For all of our products, we have an extensive spare parts inventory that allows us to take quick action on any failures.


Our machines can be used for pelletizing the following materials: Wood sawdust, Wood dust (cyclone waste), Wood shavings, Carpentry sawdust, Small- to medium-sized wood chips, Foliage, Pruning of olive trees and vines, Rice husk, Corn cob, Hay and straw, Waste from chestnut processing, Feed, Olive pomace, Animal droppings (poultry manure, rabbit droppings, etc...)