From Italy to Kenya to produce pellets!

Smartwood has been designing and manufacturing pellet production machinery and lines for years. When we hear the word “pellet” generally the first thing that pops in our mind is heating, not considering that  pellets can be useful for other purposes, for example as a useful fuel for cooking.

Smartwood has installed the first pellet production line in Kakamega, Kenya, which will be managed entirely by the local population after a training of about 6 months by a technician who was trained in Italy.

This plant is the first and will be installed throughout the African country, in order to dislocate production, reduce costs and transport problems.

The pellet will be distributed throughout Kenya to feed the Rocketstoves, small domestic generators allowing to cook and to produce energy at the same time, and that are provided in loan for use to the locals. This Powerspot project will also involve neighboring countries in the near future to allow the population to cook their own food, significantly improving their quality of life.

Smartwood hast stated: “It is a huge project that allows to improve the living conditions of the locals and, at the same time, to create jobs by training technicians and specialized operators thanks to the transfer of know-how in countries from which the population tends to leave chasing the mirage of ‘Europe.”

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