SUPER-COMPACT LINE consisting of :

  • biomass extractor with long screw feeder ECP-2000L built with starch dispenser CRT-25
  • humidification pump with tank and noozle KIT UMD
  • biomass loader CRT-200 built with refiner mill 11 kW engine RC-400 with iron remover with magnets
  • pellet mill 38 kW PLT-800
  • 2 lubrication pumps PMP-100
  • 2 grease cans for lubrication (18 Kg) S3 460-18
  • conveyor belt under the  pellet press modified for the pellet cooler  NT4X300 ET TM
  • pellet cooler RPL-1000
  • vibrating screen VBR-300
  • conveyor belt for big bag filling NT4X300 ET
  • filtering unit with 12 bag filters FILTRO-12
  • big bag holding structure BIG – 100
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